Routingme is a new innovative portal that provides high-resolution weather forecasts on the European road network. Routingme has been developed and is maintained by a group of expert meteorologists and engineers. The service is based on state-of-the-art high-resolution weather forecasts and smart algorithms that are combined to predict a variety of weather hazards on the road network.

Major weather phenomena that can affect road safety include rain, thunderstorms, sleet, snow, freezing rain, frost, fog and strong winds. The users can inspect the forecasted conditions for the next 4 days and navigate in time, zoom in and out in an interactive map. Two forecast updates are provided daily.

Road conditions are grouped in four categories:
  • Rain and Snow: roads are colored for rain, heavy rain, sleet, snow, and freezing rain
  • Wind gusts: roads are colored for five wind gust thresholds
  • Frost: roads are colored for five temperature thresholds that might result in frost conditions
  • Visibility: roads are colored in case of- low visibility/fog

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